Mantra Meditation

Thursday night at 8 PM (free)

A mantra is a tool to purify the mind. There are many kinds of mantras: Japa Mala, Bija Mantra, and Hindu Meditation.

ma&mayadevi mantraskirtans

Kirtans and Bhajans are not learned by reading lyrics, rather they are learned by practicing in the presence of a meditation teacher. It is more important to feel the vibratory effects of a mantra than to know its meaning.

Please join us every Thursday night at 8 PM for this unique experience: Hindu Meditations, free of charge.

You can find our CD: Ganesha Yoga Mantras album and Yoga mantras on soundcloud

Check our videos on YouTube: Jai Mata Kali Jai Mata DurgueJaya Ma Durgue.