Choreo Yoga

  • Choreo Yoga, since 2008 in Salt Lake City 

Weekly classes:
Monday 9am and 6pm
Wednesday 10am and 6pm
Friday 10am



Choreo Yoga: dynamic sequences of aesthetic asanas, mudras, passages, and timing designed to create a moving meditation, and a connection with feelings and emotions. Moon Salute warm up, repetition of sequences to music, cool down, and final savasana.

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Choreo Yoga is a yoga method for the modern person that is a style of Integrated Yoga. It has its own technique of timing, passages, links, aesthetic asana, mudra (gesture), gaze, energy control, introspection, and meditation. It has been called a poem made by the body. It simulates a cascade of yoga poses, and is a beautiful moving meditation. It works the body like no other form of yoga. It also induces a connection to spiritual and artistic expression through the execution of the series. It is the link between art and yoga. It is based on the notion that “Art is the purest form of spiritual expression” rather than religion. There exist series that can be created for all levels.

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Please note the additional hours. You would be required to attend the following, in addition to your certification requirements for an indefinite period of time, or you can do this specialization after having had graduated. You must already be a graduate Yoga Teacher to be eligible for this specialization opportunity. You may take this specialization during your Teacher Training (200 hour) or Master of Yoga (1,000) training.



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