Corporate Yoga Training

Corporate yoga teacher training

Includes chair yoga, senior yoga, and yoga for limited mobility specialization.
For registered Yoga Teachers of all schools, traditions, and styles.



Training in:

Yoga in the workplace: situations and etiquette.
Chair yoga asanas and namaskars
Dictionary of yogic movement (sambandhas) for the Shoulders, Arms and Wrists, that work effectively to combat carpal tunnel and increase the flow of prana through bones and joints.
Yogatherapy for the neck.
Yogatherapy for the hands and face.
Yogis of other schools, traditions, and styles have a chance to learn the dictionary of torso, arm, hand, neck, and face postures used by Yoga Integral teachers.


50% practice
25% theory
25% technical practice
12 hours minimum required, 24 hours total over 4 weekends.

Training includes texts, all 24 hours, and dictionary of exercises, syllabus, and an unlimited pass to the classes at the school.

Please request this training for the next one to be scheduled and organized.