Yogatherapy Teacher Training


March 2018 – June 2018 
September 2017 – December 2017 (ongoing)

with Narayani (Corinne Garcia)

Refreshers available for graduates and ashramacharyas

Wed. 7-9 PM & Fri. 7-8 PM

and unlimited pass to all classes on schedule

Yogatherapy (or Yoga Chikitsa) is a complementary therapy that focuses on the sentimental and emotional zone.

There are four main kinds of Yogatherapy:

Gentle and restorative yogatherapy classes that mobilize the spine and joints, stretch and relax muscular tensions that cause discomfort. Here there are specialized exercises to reduce individual scoliosis and lordosis of the spine.

Assisted Stretching where the subject relaxes completely on the mat, and the Yogatherapist assists his or her limbs into partial yoga postures for the stretching of muscular tensions, bringing circulation to joints, increasing flexibility, producing a feeling of relief, satisfaction, and pleasure.

Abhyanga from Ayurveda – an ancient Indian science of health that works side by side with therapeutic yoga. It is a series of strokes for the back, belly, arms, legs, hands, feet, neck, and head that unblock muscular contractions, and circulate energy through all the energy centers.  These strokes have been passed down in person through a lineage (an uninterrupted line of masters that goes back thousands of years).

Ratnachikitsa or Gem stone therapy for harmonizing of subtle body. Correct location, gem type, and placement technique.




Therapeutic Yoga Trainings for individuals interested in learning these four kinds of Yogatherapy, and an introduction to Ayurveda. You are required to attend all the regular yoga therapy training hours, plus a minimum of one additional yoga class per week.

Training includes:

Assisted Stretching of arms, legs, torso, hands, feet, and neck

Abhyanga strokes for the back, belly, neck, arms, legs, hands, feet, and head

Gem stone therapy (Ratnachikitsa)

Subtle anatomy (chakras and nadis)

Reduction of scoliosis, lordosis, and kyphosis & physical tensions

Mental and Emotional body healing

Chakra massage


Can also be Intensive Training in one month.

Please contact us for an application. 

Discount pricing for those who took the Integrated School of Yoga 200 level Yoga Teacher Training in 7 styles of Yoga: $1,100.

One month refreshers also available for those who took the training, please inquire.


Voided YT500 (2)


Yogatherapy private sessions:

“Abhyanga” 1 hour

  • on yoga mats $55

Assisted Stretching 1 hour

  • on yoga mats $55

Gem stone therapy 30 minutes

  • on yoga mats $25

Private Mental Body, Emotional Body, Bliss Body Healing 1 hour $55