Our classes are open to the everyone not just people who are enrolled in our teacher certification courses (except the hours marked with “teacher training only”).

In Sugarhouse, 815 East 2100 South

cash or check only

10 Day Introductory Offer – $20
1 Month Unlimited Pass – $100
Drop in, one class – $10 
5 Classes – $45
10 Classes – $90 
1 Month Yogatherapy Pass – $40 


9 AM Choreo Yoga Ambika Kali

10 AM Integrated Yoga Ambika Kali

5 PM Integrated Yoga Alejandra (Siddhidatri)

6 PM Choreo Yoga Siddhidatri

7 PM Yoga Ganga Devi

(Open to all, and Teacher Training requirement)

8 PM Yoga Teacher Training only


9 AM Integrated Static Shiva Deva

10 AM Ashtanga Vinyasa Kramaji Shiva Deva

4 PM Choreo Yoga Makara (Don)

5 PM Classical Raja Yoga (Yoga of the Mind) Makara (Don)

6 PM Traditional Hatha Yoga  Corinne (Narayani)

7 PM Integrated Yoga Corinne Narayani


9 AM Traditional Hatha Yoga Makara

10 AM Choreo Yoga Makara

5 PM Integrated Yoga Ambika Kali

6 PM Choreo Yoga Ambika Kali

7 PM Yogatherapy Makara

8 PM Yogatherapy Teacher Training (Teacher Training only)


9 AM Integrated Yoga Ambika Kali

10 AM Alignment techniques Ambika Kali

5 PM Power Yoga Siddhidatri

6 PM Integrated Yoga Corinne (Narayani)

7 PM Yoga Therapy Shiva Deva

8 PM Mantra Meditation free


9 AM Kundalini (please wear red) Narayani (Corinne)

10 AM Choreo Yoga Narayani (Corinne)

5 PM Kundalini (please wear red) Ambika Kali

6 PM Integrated Yoga Ambika Kali

7 PM Yogatherapy  Shiva Deva

8 PM Yogatherapy Teacher Training (Teacher Training only)


9 AM Integrated Yoga Jeremy (Nrusimha)

10 AM Yogatherapy Nrusimha

11 AM Power Yoga Jeremy (Nrusimha)

12 PM Yoga Sports Nrusimha

1 PM Yoga Ganga Devi

(Open to all, and Teacher Training requirement)

2 PM Yoga Teacher Training only

6-7:30 PM (May 20th and 27th only) Red Kundalini Yoga – Enjoy and wear Red

Usually 6-7:30 PM Ananda Shakti Yoga


10 AM Integrated Yoga Ma Vira Nandini

11:30 AM – every third Sunday of the month Pre-natal yoga Ma Vira & Makara