Red Kundalini Yoga Teacher Training

 Ongoing – And starts again March 2018

with Swamini Ma Shakti Devi

Th 8pm, Fr 9am or 5pm, Sat 6-8:30pm

Add Red Kundalini Yoga to your Yoga Teacher or Masters in Yoga certification.

Please note the hours.  You would be required to attend the following:

Thursdays 8 PM Mantra Yoga
Saturday 6-7:30 Ananda Shakti Yoga, Saturdays 7:30-8:30 PM Kundalini theory hour
plus a minimum of one additional Red Kundalini Yoga class a week (either Friday 9am or Friday 5pm)

Included in tuition you will have unlimited class pass access to all the classes on the Integrated School of Yoga class schedule, as well as texts that will be sent via email.

Certification in the ancient Red Kundalini Yoga covers:

How to teach a Kundalini Shakti Yoga class

What is Kundalini Yoga?


Masculine and Feminine Energy

Chakras and nadis (complete 49 chakra system)

Laya Yoga









Certification also includes training in the Ananda Shakti Yoga method of Self Realization created by Swamini Ma Shakti Devi in 2014

Mental Yoga

Emotional Yoga (positive and negative)

Spiritual Yoga (Rise, Sink, and Yoke Samyamas)

The Ananda Shakti Set of Opposites

Polarity and the phenomenon of dominant vibrations

Identification of vrittis – the parts of Self

Mental Mudras that lead to illumination

A set of over 30 original Ananda Shakti mudras that are unique to this tradition

The Light Polarity and the Dark Polarity

Love Consciousness

Please contact us for an application. 

Discount pricing for graduates of ISY 200 level Yoga Teacher Training in 7 styles of yoga and/or the 500 level Yogatherapy Teacher Training.