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Artistic Yoga in pairs Swamini Ma Shakti Devi and Ganga Devi

Photos from the 2016 Artistic Yoga and Artistic Yoga in Pairs performance at Fall Colors Yoga Festival. img_1264 img_1265 img_1266-1 img_1266 img_1270 img_1272 img_1274 img_1276 img_1280 img_1282 img_1284 img_1287 img_1288 img_1289 img_1290 img_1292 img_1295 img_1297 img_1298 img_1299-1 img_1299 img_1300 img_1301 img_1302 img_1303




(2015) Hello! Namaste.

This year Trishula Devi taught Artistic Yoga™ at the Ogden Yoga Festival, I (Sw. Ma Shakti Devi) taught Kundalini Yoga at the Fall Colors Yoga Festival, and Hanuman Deva will be teaching Artistic Yoga™ at the Downtown Yoga Festival this weekend.

The Fall Colors Yoga Festival was very well done, and the energy was elevated.  It was an intercommunity/inter-studio event that achieved the integration of different yoga teachers from different backgrounds and approaches, and this led to a sattvic (high vibrational) feeling.  I was impressed and my expectations were exceeded by Fall Colors Yoga Festival.  I support the growth of this festival and Julia Bryer as the perfect person for this work.  I, personally, enjoyed myself very much!  Many Integrated School of Yoga teachers were there too (like Ambika, Narayani, and Prem), taking classes and volunteering at the registration booth.

I had a beautiful experience doing an Artistic Yoga demonstration with a local spiritual musician, Leraine Horstamnshoff.  I want to share with you some pictures and the Youtube video where you can see the moment.

Swamini Ma Shakti Devi demo with Leraine Horstmanshoff


I founded the USA Artistic Yoga Federation in 2008.

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Sw. Ma Shakti Devi