Ambika Kali

I began my yoga journey in 2012. I was attending a local dance studio where they introduced yoga & it quickly became the only class I was going to. After practicing for a couple of years, I became inspired to learn everything I could about myself through the practice of yoga. I completed my yoga teacher training in May 2015 at the Integrated School of Yoga in Sugarhouse, and went on to attend the 3 week intensive yoga teacher training version of the course, also taught by Ma Shakti Devi in Turkey the following August. I began teaching Integrated Yoga and Artistic Yoga immediately after I returned. In 2016 I completed the Yogatherapy training and recently graduated from the Red Kundalini & Ananda Shakti course in January 2017 with the Integrated School of Yoga. I am so grateful to have discovered myself through such a beautiful practice and will continue molding my life around teaching and sharing this wonderful science and art with others. Namaste!